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Issue #14 fix with decorated methods, boosted functions and multilevel

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This pull request is a fix for the issue #14 (closed). Only local locally imported functions are supported yet. Now decorated methods and functions can use imported functions. This PR also support multilevel imports (i.e. a function needed by a function used by a decorated function).

I did a make black.

The coverage has passed from 91% to 92% and most of the code I have written is covered.

  • Fix issue 14, local import only

  • Issue #14 (closed) : multiple levels of import supported

  • Issue #14 (closed) imports supported by boosted functions + reorganisation + tests

    Of course boosted functions support multi-levels of import as jitted function. The reorganisation was done for factoring 2 identical functions in analyse_aot() and analyse_jit(). There is a new test about multi-levels import in boosted function.

  • Report bug ModuleNotFound with a jitted method that use local imported functions

    To have the error run 'make clean; pytest -s' I don't understand why function at line 277 in (i.e "spec.loader.exec_module(module)") doesn't find the module imported by the module in its parameter" I've written just before this line a test that looks for the existence of this module, and the test gives me a positive existence

    In this commit I have only kept the test that give me this error (in Be aware that this commit contains other unrelated changes like a factorisation of the function "filter_external_code"

  • Fix ModuleNotFoundError

  • Issue #14 (closed) Decorated methods can use locally imported functions

    In this commit I have changed get_exterior_code() in analyse/ to resolve the double files writting problem . I have also added a test for boosted methods that use a locally imported function. And finally I have fixed the boosted functions name problem.

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