Labels can be applied to issues and merge requests. Group labels are available for any project within the group.


  • Bug
    Although subjective, this'll be useful
  • Easier
    Something doable without learning much about the project structure, perhaps just a grep away. Many UI issues fall in that category.
  • Feature
    Yes, it's subjective, a lacking feature can be a bug, we'll see
  • Foundation
    All grunt work about tests, build system, version bumps of upstream GitLab, Mercurial etc.
  • Functional Discussion
    For issues about which the wished behaviour still needs to be discussed
  • git
    For issues related to Git projects
  • hg-native
    Issues related to the move to Mercurial native support – the whole HGitaly project being currently about that, no need to put it on all HGitaly issues
  • internal
    Issues expressed in a way that's not directly meaningful to users. For instance a user-visible issue could depend on an internal issue
  • Logging
    Everything about logs in Heptapod components, including metrics for now. Could be renamed later to Metrics.
  • Needs info
    For bugs that apply to some projects / instances only and whose systematic reproduction is not known yet
  • old_instance
    For issues whose original author would have to be picked in previous Heptapod self-hosting instance
  • Regression
    A bug that didn't occur in earlier releases, usually deemed worse than a bug on new features
  • Release
    🚀 Heptapod Release task list
  • Release Critical
    Must be fixed in final releases (version x.y.z)
  • Scaling
    Useful for Heptapod to run at a larger scale.
  • Security
  • Support Customer
    Issues that have been brought to our attention by at least one of Octobus professional support customers
  • UI
  • upstream
    Improvements to submit in some upstream (Mercurial, Gitlab…) or to track in upstream, or to backport then track for removal etc.
  • vsprint:2020-07
    Issues in scope for the July 2020 virtual sprint