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Prioritized labels

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Other labels

  • Release Critical
    Must be fixed in final releases (version x.y.z)
  • Runners
    heptapod / FOSS public instance
    To track issues involving the Shared Runners of this instance, including deployment of new versions and important system upgrades
  • Scaling
    Useful for Heptapod to run at a larger scale.
  • Support Customer
    Issues that have been brought to our attention by at least one of Octobus professional support customers
  • Sysadmin
    heptapod / FOSS public instance
    Work to be done by a systems administrator
  • Upgrade
    heptapod / FOSS public instance
    To track down version upgrades of this instance
  • upstream
    Improvements to submit in some upstream (Mercurial, Gitlab…) or to track in upstream, or to backport then track for removal etc.
  • vsprint:2020-07
    Issues in scope for the July 2020 virtual sprint
  • vsprint:2020-10
    Virtual Sprint, October 2020