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    hashed storage: adapting path to group HGRC · 3c0b374e853d
    Georges Racinet authored
    In the case of the hashed storage, we keep a
    subset of the directory hierarchy for namespaces
    and the repo HGRC includes from that, hence depending
    on the namespace path from the storage root and the
    depth of the hashed storage (currently a constant, at
    two intermediate subdirectories).
    In both the hashed and non-hashed cases, this is provided by
    `relative_path_from`, whose result is just `../../hgrc` in
    the non hashed case.
    The inclusion path is relative to the storage root, hence
    this independent of the storage location, which can
    change (reconfig, change of host by backup & restore)
    with no need to crawl through repositories.
    This partially defeats one of the advantages of the
    hash storage: avoiding too much top level directories.
    This shouldn't be critical for Heptapod because
    1. By the time we have instances that big that this cluttering
       is a problem, assuming we just don't use a FS with hashmap
       directories (XFS for instance), we'll be able to come up
       with other mechanisms
    2. It's about namespaces having either HGRC settings or subgroups.
       These should be the minority. After all, using subgroups
       reduces the number of toplevel groups.
    branch : heptapod
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