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    Added blank lines to meet style guide · 5c1437e23f6e
    Ezekiel Kigbo authored
    Un-nest title variable output
    Update spec test names
    Rename sort_value_most_stars -> sort_value_stars_desc
    Rename sorted_by_stars -> sorted_by_stars_desc
    Renname sort_value_most_stars_asc -> sort_value_stars_asc
    Invert feature check, assign feature condition to a variable
    Inline conditional nav bar rendering
    Invert conditional label
    Added follow up task
    Fix filters returning 0 projects show the wrong view
    Move click action out of test expectation
    Use proper variable name for project in before block
    Rename projects_sort_admin_options_hash
    Renamed projects_sort_admin_options_has to
    old_projects_sort_options_hash as its not only used
    on the admin screen
    Fix extra whitespace errors
    Stub project_list_filter_bar in the projects_helper specs
    Added follow up task for `show_projects?`
    Removed url test expectations