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    Adapted rename/transfer for GitLab 12.10 · 95a24b052d2a
    Georges Racinet authored
    We're following the trend of letting the Repository
    object take care of most of the logic, instead of calling
    separate methods for Git and Hg from the services or
    from `Gitlab::Shell`.
    For renames, including migration to hashed storage,
    this works because the fixup for the HGRC namespace inclusion
    can find the path to the namespace from the include line, or
    there's nothing to be fixed. This is what the new
    `rpath_to_namespace_if_hgrc_included` method does.
    The end result is certainly suboptimal: the repo HGRC will be
    scanned several times, and the transfers now fixup the inclusion,
    only to change it afterwards. But none of these is a real
    concern for now, the important thing is the concentration of
    the hg/git dispatching in less places than before.