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    Refactor AutocompleteController · c8cc17675ba4
    Yorick Peterse authored
    This refactors the AutocompleteController according to the guidelines
    and boundaries discussed in Specifically,
    ActiveRecord logic is moved to different finders, which are then used in
    the controller. View logic in turn is moved to presenters, instead of
    directly using ActiveRecord's "to_json" method.
    The finder MoveToProjectFinder is also adjusted according to the
    abstraction guidelines and boundaries, resulting in a much more simple
    By using finders (and other abstractions) more actively, we can push a
    lot of logic out of the controller. We also remove the need for various
    "before_action" hooks, though this could be achieved without using
    finders as well.
    The various finders related to AutcompleteController have also been
    moved into a namespace. This removes the need for calling everything
    "AutocompleteSmurfFinder", instead you can use