• Georges Racinet on mutations.racinet.fr's avatar
    Commit: introducing hpd_display_id · b10c60a26265
    In some cases it makes sense to display a different commit ID than the
    one used for addressing. Of course our existing `HgGitRepository` is
    a prime example of that, but it's not hard to imagine other ones.
    Up to now, we've changed some templates and user-facing to code to
    use directly some 'hgid'. For dual VCS support, as well as intermediate
    steps towards Mercurial native support, we'll need something more
    abstract than that.
    The method name, `hpd_display_id`, is voluntary obnoxious: we want
    to recognize at first glance that it's Heptapod-specific, and we want
    it to be easy to find all occurrences in the code base, in preparation
    for potential future times when we won't be needing it any more.
    branch : heptapod