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    Fix the infamous ENOENT for /opt/gitlab/licenses/registry.csv · 2e2c1b604bcd
    Georges Racinet authored
    Until now, every few builds failed with ENOENT for the (apparently)
    just copied /opt/gitlab/licenses/registry.csv
    I finally went through the lengthy steps to reproduce, using an
    actual cache zip from S3, and it turns
    out that the ENOENT is due to the missing parent directory.
    This never happens without the cache, probably because
    an earlier step that creates this directory gets then always executed.
    Ensuring the directory before hand as done in the CI configuration
    was enough to fix the problem on the reproduction setup, but not in
    CI, but the `mkdir` from `registry.rb` did fix it. We're keeping the
    former one in case it would help with other cases of licenses aggregation.
    branch : heptapod-stable