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High-level configuration knobs for Heptapod

These will be exposed first through the REST API (this is heptapod#165 (closed)), then we'll probably want them to be displayed and writeable from the Web UI.

Compared to the lower level versions, they have several advantages:

  • clearer namings, because we can know express the consequences in Heptapod context
  • easier to remember, less frightening (it's not more experimental than Heptapod itself)
  • several flags can be set at once (see the case of bookmarks)

For now, the rule is that they are really inert if not set, so that we don't interfere with tweakings of the lower level settings our users may already have performed.

It's also the occasion to introduce auto-publish=all, which makes a project entirely publishing - can be the preferred way for some.

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