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This introduces NoGitStateMaintainer, a new GitLabStateMaintainer class that does not export anything to an auxiliary Git repository, and set in place everything to use it instead of HeptapodGitHandler:

  • NoGitStateMaintainer is used according to the boolean configuration item
  • is set automatically by "no git" environment variables and HTTP headers, in the same way as heptapod.native. These flags are both optional and ignored for non-native repositories.

The end result is that when the three other components (Rails, Workhorse and Shell) start sending the "no git" flags (they currently don't, of course), the conversions to Git will stop happening for native repositories.

Also, being entirely conditional, this is suitable for subsequent merge in the default branch. Out of caution, we should wait for the default Heptapod series to switch to 0.26.

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