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600Daudio , queue for wav write , separate wav recording with HiBitrate on 600D

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Audio things. You can choose these options with Makefile definition. 1: Old style audio.c(with 600D audio code using ifdefs) 2: audio-common.c , audio-ak.c , audio-lapis.c ( new divide style)

I think 1 is better for managing it (But a little bit difficult to read). Single file is easy to manage. But another developer like option 2. Please decide which you want to use for managing codes.

audio-common.c is including common codes and small/easy ifdefs . I think, basically a lot of codes into common.c if we can(with easy ifdefs). Then it will reduce code manage overhead , I believe.

Finally, code is big. If you find my merge miss , please forgive me.

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