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Bitbucket Importer requested to merge bitbucket/declined-pr-39 into branch/unified

Created originally on Bitbucket by 600dplus (scrax)

Changesets for this Pull Request have not been imported, because it had been already declined on Bitbucket. Marked as closed by the import user.

Added 4 features from the requests in the forum:

FEATURE_DIALOG_SHORTCUT - For each dialog it will show another setting using up and down arrow

FEATURE_DIALOG_OPTION - Will add shortcut to menu pages pressing Trash in photo dialog screens

FEATURE_CUSTOM_MODES - Saves and restores ISO,Tv,Av,WB,K,WBshift, Meter Mode,Drive Mode, in 5 custom mode files, can restore first one at startup

FEATURE_CUSTOM_ICON - Will save and restore ML23icon.ico and autorun.inf when formatting card also small text change in 600D audio DISP shortcuts

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