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EOSM fps-engio timer fixes

Bitbucket Importer requested to merge bitbucket/merged-pr-670 into branch/unified

Created originally on Bitbucket by daniel_fort (Daniel Fort)

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Hope this is ok to do, just want to get the latest EOSM updates into user's hands and nightly builds working again.

This is an alternate for the pull request submitted by @dpjpandone - fps_timer_a_min and fps_timer_b_min fixed for EOSM. He won't have access to his camera for a few more months to try out suggestions by @a1ex while I have included these changes in my working branch. In addition, these changes have been incorporated in a testing binary posted in my download area and users have not reported any issues with it. (109 downloads at this point.)

  • fps_timer_a_min and fps_timer_b_min fixed for EOSM Manually copied from pull request #649 (closed)

  • Changed to a1ex's suggestions.

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