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Bulb_nd fix info

Created originally on Bitbucket by Licaon_Kter (Licaon Kter)

UPDATED 2016-01-17


  • smaller size (medium font)
  • move it out the ML bars
  • moves according to ML bars layout
  • background as ML bars (they're actually transparent, not like in the screenshots)

Before top 3:2 : VRAM5.jpg

After top 3:2 : VRAM0.jpg

Before bottom 16:9 : VRAM6.jpg

After bottom 16:9 : VRAM1.jpg

Module to test:!dUgVVRIA!s23d4_RoXuh3IssFl2Uzw1oSSNSG3-pfoHEaay-97zQ

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