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Proposal: completely replace the old raw format

Bitbucket Importer requested to merge branch/new_raw_format into branch/unified

Created originally on Bitbucket by dmilligan (David Milligan)

Here are the issues I have with the RAW format in it's current form:

  1. The file extension should not be .RAW (this is way too generic, and users think they can open it with something like photoshop), it should be something unique

  2. File header information and metadata should be stored at the beginning of the file, not at the end

  3. There should be more metadata than is currently provided (at the very least, camera model, ML version, etc.)

  4. There should be header information in every file if it is split into chunks

Turns out it's not that hard to modify raw_rec to output valid MLV files without add any extra overhead

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