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Font updates

Alex requested to merge branch/fonts into branch/unified

I've noticed some special symbols were missing at certain font sizes (for example, ETTR/DR icons sometimes disappeared from LiveView info bars when font became smaller), so I've edited the font files to make sure every special symbol is present in all fonts. Also, with this, Lua should display proper strings for shutter/aperture in the console as well (symbols like 1/ and f/ were missing from the console fonts).

Also added a new symbol (warning sign). I need it for a module ( spoiler alert :P ) to make it obvious that some action is needed from the user.

There are some extra symbols (I've just added definitions to bmp.h) like copyright, trademark, filled square, filled circle, empty/filled rectangle, play icon; are these used anywhere?

I've also added this sign to bulb timer, when it's disabled and we are in bulb mode (in this case, other long exposure tools may use bulb timer value, even if it's disabled). This was more like a test for that symbol.

While I am at this, any other symbols needed in the fonts? In other words, ever wanted to use some special character inline with the text, but gave up because it wasn't present in ML fonts?

All fonts have now 128 characters (ASCII codes from 32 to 159, special characters starting at 127, with free positions 0x95...0x9D).

Side note: RBF files are edited with rbfeditor, but it no longer runs on recent systems (it depends on an old version of PyQt). The changes are significant (I tried to rename the imports for PyQt4, but it seems to require a lot more changes). Anyone has experience with this kind of refactoring?

In other words, to run this editor, you need to boot an older Linux installation (not sure how one can run it on recent distributions).

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