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64-bit integers in Lua (WIP)

Alex requested to merge branch/lua64 into branch/unified

Current state:

  • seek returns 64-bit integers
  • adding those integers is done on 64-bit
  • that means, getting file size with f:seek("end",0) works for large files
  • integer printf doesn't work at all: log:writef("Recorded frames : %s\n", table.concat(nframes_list, ",")) prints Recorded frames : ld,ld,ld,ld
  • converting the numbers to float (x * 1.0) before printing works fine and gives correct results, e.g. log:writef("%s GB\n", total_size / 1024.0 / 1024 / 1024)

To be merged:

  • after lua_fix
  • after vsnprintf
  • and after fixing 64-bit integer printf somehow (either dietlibc recompiling, or musl libc, or... other ideas?)

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