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EOS M: long-press SET/Q to open submenus

Alex requested to merge branch/longpress into branch/unified


This should make the EOS M menu navigation a little more consistent with the other cameras.

To try this on any other camera, put #define CONFIG_LONG_PRESS_SET_MENU in internals.h. I've tested it on 5D2.

Note: I don't think it should enabled on all models, because:

  1. SET might not give unpress events everywhere (when it happens, ML will always think you did a long press)
  2. when checking for long press, the original action (short press) must be done on the unpress event, which feels a little slower than before; I've adjusted the timings to minimize the delays, but it still doesn't feel 100% right.

@nikfreak: could it be also useful for 100D, or it's better to stick with Av?

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