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Fix recording indicators above 2GB

Alex requested to merge branch/rec-indicators into branch/unified

This change should fix H.264 movie indicators on files larger than 2GB (issue #2530 (closed)). I didn't test it.

For files larger than 4GB we have two options:

  • either we are lucky and MVR_BYTES_WRITTEN is uint64_t (if anyone wants to test)
  • or, we can detect when this counter wraps around, and extend it to 64 bits manually

Anyone has the patience to test this change, and also check if the counter is actually 64 bits wide on cameras that can bypass the 4GB limit? For the second check, try this: #define MVR_BYTES_WRITTEN (*(uint64_t*)(...))

@nikfreak: to apply this change, run sed -i.bak 's/MVR_BYTES_WRITTEN (\*(int\*)(/MVR_BYTES_WRITTEN MEM((/g' */consts.h from platform directory.

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