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Cleaner method for hiding Canon's bottom bar (same method for all cameras)

Alex requested to merge branch/cleaner-lvapp-hack into branch/unified

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This method uses the patch manager to apply the same modification to LiveViewApp that was used for most DIGIC 4 cameras. Before, this function was relocated to RAM and patched there, but the method did not work on DIGIC 5 cameras (don't remember exactly why; probably the code was more complex than the relocation routine could handle).

It should fix the following issues:

  • 60D err80 with the RscMgr_memory branch (the reloc method relies on short jumps, so the relocated code must be placed at very low addresses, not in RscMgr)
  • 650D/700D crash when processing raw images in camera (issue #2434); it looks like overriding DebugMsg causes that issue, no idea why, but...

So, the DebugMsg hack is no longer required for the bottom bar. It's still enabled on 5D3 and 6D for other purposes (ADTG shutter speed controls for FPS override, and - on 5D3 - a workaround for some troublesome CF cards).

Note: EOS M needs a new stub (LiveViewApp_handler_BL_JudgeBottomInfoDispTimerState). 650D, 700D and 6D already have it, but may have to be checked again, as it was not used for anything else.

TBD on 70D and 100D as well.

I'd still like to get a version that doesn't require ROM patching, but so far, this method seems to be the best compromise.

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