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Misc cleanups, some GUI button codes renamed, 1100D zoom buttons fix

Alex requested to merge branch/cleanup into branch/unified
  • Removed DLG_SIGNATURE (refactored existing checks with more generic code)
  • Renamed DLG_* constants to GUIMODE_*
  • EOS M: fix scrollwheel button codes (todo: same on 100D)
  • Renamed ZOOM IN/OUT button codes (e.g. PRESS_ZOOMIN_MAYBE -> PRESS_ZOOM_IN)
  • 600D, 1100D: cleaned up zoom button codes (to be tested on 1100D)

To be tested:

  • Stub test (the dialog signature test) - if it works on a few cameras, it's likely to work on all
  • Card formatting test (it uses most of those dialog constants)
  • EOS M: scrollwheel menu navigation

For 1100D, the zoom button codes were missing (there was one defined with another name, unused), so all the features that depend on them (magic zoom, play mode tweaks, rack focus, 5x/10x zoom tweaks) should be working now.

Interesting that 1100D internals.h mentions "Zoom button can be used while recording (for Magic Zoom)", but it looks like this was just copied from some other camera and never tested.

@nikfreak: on 100D, scrollwheel codes appear to be reversed (the top one is left/right, and the rear one is up/down); the same issue was on EOS M.

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