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700D: minor fixes

Alex requested to merge branch/700D into branch/unified

I've played with a 700D for a few days. Overall, the ML port feels pretty solid, and I've fixed a few minor quirks:

  • 700D: fix PlayMain_handler stub (fixes SET+MainDial and others)

  • 700D: fix COLOR_FG_NONLV

  • 700D, 650D, 100D, maybe others: nicer Kelvin display in photo mode

Still not fixed (some of them are also present on other cameras):

  • bitrate: qscale indicator not working
  • flexinfo: when removing the lens, old lens info remains printed
  • no fps overcranking (tried to implement NEW_FPS_METHOD, but the internals are a bit different)
  • continuous AF: it should warning in menu when trying to use focus tools
  • touchscreen menu (I have some unfinished work about this, but will create another branch)

I also wanted to try lua_touch, but was unable to run any scripts. The issue wasn't obvious though, so I gave up for the moment. Lua_fix was working fine, already pushed some minor fixes there too.

I'll probably play with the 700D again in 1-2 months (no guarantees).

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