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Adding support for the 70D 1.1.2

Created originally on Bitbucket by nikfreak

Finally Canon released the first firmware update for the 70D. This PR:

  • is adding ML support for FW 1.1.2
  • is getting rid of the two firmware revisions 1.1.1 (handling pain, see forum thread)
  • is deleting unmaintained references

Tested myself for the last few days:

  • Installer works w/o problems
  • All enabled features seem to work w/o problems
  • Formatting card and keeping ML works etc.
  • Stubtest from passes with zero fails
  • Kept the amount of commits as small as possible for this PR

Let me know what I can further do to get this merged. Some things don't work well like

  • dual iso in video mode
  • fps override
  • raw zebras in QR mode

Fixing them unfortuantely seems out of my scope. This state seems to be best I could do on my own and I vote for a merge (even with some of the features not working) and getting rid of older branches and references to the 70D (nanomad's repo, even my own working repos etc.)

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