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Serial flash dumper

Alex requested to merge branch/serialflash into branch/unified

Initial version by nkls, announced here. The serial flash contents is necessary but not sufficient for booting Canon GUI in QEMU.

I did some refactoring and added some stubs for 700D and EOS M (for dfort). Also updated 100D to 1.0.1, but didn't try it (original version was for 1.0.0 4.3.7 60(23)).

I've tested it last summer on a 700D, but I no longer have it. Did some aesthetic tweaks since then, and changed the read routine according to nkls' findings from here. Therefore, 700D can be considered untested as well.

5D3 doesn't work; the routines are there, but I believe the serial flash is not used in this camera.

TODO: update for all other DIGIC 5 models (70D, 650D, 6D). Maybe also DIGIC 6, if anyone feels like doing this in advance.

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