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Half-shutter triggers for raw recording

Alex requested to merge branch/rec-trigger into branch/unified

This is a continuation of pre-recording, as suggested by @mk11174 in pull request #728 (closed). I think I've found a way that would cover a wide range of uses:

  • start recording without the additional delay (required for creating the video file, setting up the raw backend, allocating memory etc)
  • start recording with an additional remote
  • group short bursts of action into a single clip
  • interface with external triggers (using the half-shutter signals)
  • interface with Lua scripts (using half-shutter - not tested, may require merging with lua_fix)
  • interfacing with intervalometer or motion detection (not implemented, but very easy after this change)

The half-shutter triggers can be used as standalone, or alongside with pre-recording. Internally, they use the pre-recording backend to pause and resume the video (therefore skipping the frames that were not triggered).

The post-recording feature suggested by @mk11174 can be achieved in the "Half-shutter hold" mode, by holding the half-shutter as long as needed.

In all cases, you still have to press the usual REC button to start/stop a clip. Then, half-shutter (in the 3 different modes) should be used to start/pause recording.

The feature might be useful for the film scanning project from here as well:

Test build available on .

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