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DoF corrections for focus.c

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These corrections correct two things.

First, the current form of the equations are not optimally coded in C and create integer division errors. This C-based 'problem' is now handled 'correctly'. Also, diffraction is now used in tenths of micron units to further reduce integer division rounding errors.

Second, the current HFD equation (incorrectly) uses a form of the diffraction equation that is focus (ie position) aware, ie through the magnification (mag, in fact inverse mag at the moment). By definition, magnification (=fl/(fd-fl)) is zero at infinity. HFD should not vary with focus. HFD is now calculated assuming the diffraction at infinity, ie independent of focus, ie diff = 2.44freqN*(1+mag), ie for HFD the diff = 2.44freqN

The DoF equation used is DoF(n/f) = fdflfl/(flfl (+/-) Nc*(fd-fl)).

Finally, I want to apologize for 'being an idiot' and not remembering how to make a pull request. David thanks for the 're-education'.

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