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mlv_dump: support cinema dng and more

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MLV_DUMP mod which supports cinema dng export plus lots of other features:

  • CInema DNG export is based on modified 'dng.c' lib (initial author: @dmilligan, project: MLVFS) instead of 'chdk_dng.c'
  • Saves any bit depth Cinema DNG files. e.g. 10/12/14 bits compressed or uncompressed, "--no-bitpack" exports 16 bit uncompressed DNGs.
  • Supports any bit depth raw data as input compressed or uncompressed
  • Supports focus pixels the same way MLVFS does, also has ability to override and load '.fpm' manually if file has the same name as input MLV
  • Saves/Loads '.bpm' (bad pixel map) files. Name of the file same as input MLV
  • Can fix pattern noise
  • Has deflicker option of MLVFS
  • Implemented advanced WAV header with "bext" and "iXML" chunks for demanding NLEs
  • Correctly fills up 'Unique Camera Model' tag in dng header and has additional camera matrixes
  • Has more advanced WB AsShotNeutral calculation routine (MLVFS style)
  • Has additional or reworked switch options:

--fixcp2 use aggressive method for revealing more bad pixels (MLVFS style)

** --no-stripes** do not fix vertical stripes in highlights

--force-stripes compute stripe correction for every frame (slow but effective on some footage)

** --is-dualiso** use dual iso compatible horizontal interpolation of focus and bad pixels

--save-bpm save bad pixels to .BPM file

--fixpn fix pattern noise

** --deflicker=value** per-frame exposure compensation, value is target median in raw units ex: 3072 (default)

--no-bitpack write DNG files with unpacked to 16 bit raw data

** --show-progress** show DNG file creation progress. ignored when -v or --batch is specified also works when compressing MLV to MLV and shows compression ratio for each frame

** -p** pass through original raw data without processing, it works for lossless or uncompressed raw

Note #1 (closed): "-p" option replaces "-c -c" and passes through unmodified data for both uncompressed or lossless compressed raw.

Note #2 (closed): --show-progress prints every operation's done while saving DNGs, also works when compressing MLV to MLV and shows compression ratio for each frame

Note #3 (closed): "-b" switch converts bit depth as usual but now you can use it during DNG export, it also scales related black/white levels (uncompressed DNG only)

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