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Ported/updated "mlv_dump on steroids" all latest features to "mlv_dump crop_rec_4k"

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  1. Added Focus pixel map generation on the fly, with fall back to maps if they exist in the binary dir
  2. Now pixel interpolation method selectable, one from raw2dng and second from cr2hdr/mlvfs
  3. Updated chroma smooth
  4. Added new switch options:
  • --no-fixfp - do not fix focus pixels
  • --is-croprec - generate focus map for crop_rec mode
  • ** --fpi ** - focus pixel interpolation method: 0 (mlvfs), 1 (raw2dng), default is 0
  • ** --bpi ** - bad pixel interpolation method: 0 (mlvfs), 1 (raw2dng), default is 0
  • --no-audio - for DNG output WAV not saved, for MLV output WAVI/AUDF blocks are not included in destination MLV
  1. Bug fixes and improvements
  • Auto detection of crop_rec and aspect ratio according to RAWC block info

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