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replace is_taskid_valid with direct access to task array

Created originally on Bitbucket by calle2010 (Christian Schäfer)

  • ignore generated files in minimal tree and xor_chk

  • experiment to replace is_taskid_valid

    Use task structure pointer for two different tasks to - determine task array base - task structure size

    The lower half of the task ID is an index into to task array

    Tested in Qemu with 77D, 200D and 50D

  • replace is_taskid_valid stub

    • implement get_task_info_direct and adapt tasks.c accordingly
    • initialize task_array_base and task_struct_size during processing of init_task and big_init_task
    • task_create() stub does not return a function to the task structure
    • small change to wait_object_id: IDs have six hex digits on 50D, causing weird output with %2x
    • tested in Qemu for model 50D.109

    Open: How to replace task_attr.used with info from struct task?

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