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Crop rec 4k pull requests

Created originally on Bitbucket by Dannephoto (danne)

  • crop_rec.c:(5D3 workarounds for mv720p modes. Allow for looping through x5,x10 and back to x1 without battery pulls, fps timer lowered to adress pinks and distorted files)


Todo: check into “BUSY” state signal produced when leaving x10 and back into x1 mode in mv720p modes. Dissapears while pushing menu button and back but hey, that´s what´s we want to automate here…


Updated code to eliminate “BUSY” state signal.


The crash might be related to cmos1 pack routine. Iterating zoom modes is not an issue on 100d and eosm for instance

cmos_new[1] =(crop_preset == CROP_PRESET_3x3_1X_48p ? PACK12(3,15) :(video_mode_fps == 50)                  ? PACK12(4,14) :(video_mode_fps == 60)                  ? PACK12(6,14) :(uint32_t) -1 ;

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