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Fix TypeError caused by the `ngtip` revset returning a node instead of a rev

MR moved to !266 (merged)


How to trigger the error

The error was triggered by running

hg log -r 'ngtip("default")'

in a repository with more than one changeset. When the flow of control reached reachableroots2, it raised

TypeError: an integer is required (got type bytes)

See the Bugzilla link above for a full traceback.

Error cause investigation

That node hash (of type bytes) got added to the revlog earlier, by the topic extension's function (in evolve source /hgext3rd/topic/ The call stack from there proceeds thus:

Mercurial calls (in an example repo with two commits)

    subset=<fullreposet+ 0:2>,
    x=('symbol', 'default')

which calls hgext_topic.destination.ngtip, which calls hgext_topic.topicmap.branchtip, which calls mercurial.branchmap.branchtip which returns a node hash.

Open questions for this Merge Request

Question is: At what point in the call stack above should the node hash be turned into a rev number? The current patch chooses

  • I'm certain revset.ngtipset should add a rev number to the changeset, not a node hash
  • I'm not certain what callers of destination.ngtip expect it to return.
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