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cmdstate: introduce a "saver" contextmanager and use it in place of save()

Previously, the state was only saved in some paths out of these functions. This can be problematic, if the user ctrl-c's (or kill -9's) the process, or we exit out of relocate for anything besides the "expected" reason, we won't record that we were in the middle of an evolve.

One of our users has discovered that this leaves hg in a weird state; the user did something like this:

$ hg evolve
<something goes wrong with the merge tool, hits ctrl-c>
<deals with the merge conflicts>
$ hg evolve --continue
abort: no interrupted evolve to continue
$ hg evolve
abort: uncommitted changes
# Note: commands.status.verbose=True is set.
$ hg status
M foo
# The repository is in an unfinished *update* state.

# No unresolved merge conflicts

# To continue:    hg update

The user did an hg update, but it didn't actually do anything besides take it out of the unfinished update state (the files were still dirty in the working directory).

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