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New config/snapshot files format

Created originally on Bitbucket by aleufroy (Alain L)


Here is a proposition for a new config/snaphots files format that is more flexible than the previous one.

The subrepositories configuration parameters are placed in an INI file ".hggrconf".$ Using this format simplify adding new configuration parameters. The sections of the INI file are guest names and values are configuration parameters:

  • "pulluri" for remote uri$
  • "layout" for filesystem location.$



layout = mygr1
pulluri =

layout = deepeer/path/mygr2
pulluri = mygr1

The snapshoot file contains metadata about the repository state.$ It is named .hggrsnap. It has the same format as the snapshot file of subrepo. Example:

mygr1 = branch1
deepeer/path/mygr2 = mytag$

Note that the configuration file is always loaded even for the grfreeze command.

Note also that there are many arbitrary names :)


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