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    revert: remove dangerous `parents` argument from `cmdutil.revert()` · 8c466bcb0879
    Martin von Zweigbergk authored
    As we found out the hard way (thanks to spectral@ for figuring it
    out!), `cmdutil.revert()`'s `parents` argument must be
    `repo.dirstate.parents()` or things may go wrong. We had an extension
    that passed in the target commit as the first parent. The `hg split`
    command from the evolve extension seems to have made the same mistake,
    but I haven't looked carefully.
    The problem is that `cmdutil._performrevert()` calls
    `dirstate.normal()` on reverted files if the commit to revert to
    equals the first parent. So if you pass in `ctx=foo` and
    `parents=(foo.node(), nullid)`, then `dirstate.normal()` will be
    called for the revert files, even though they might not be clean in
    the working copy.
    There doesn't seem to be any reason, other than a tiny performance
    benefit, to passing the `parents` around instead of looking them up
    again in `cmdutil._performrevert()`, so that's what this patch does.
    Differential Revision:
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