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bisect: avoid copying ancestor list for non-merge commits

During a bisection, hg needs to compute a list of all ancestors for every candidate commit. This is accomplished via a bottom-up traversal of the set of candidates, during which each revision's ancestor list is populated using the ancestor list of its parent(s). Previously, this involved copying the entire list, which could be very long in if the bisection range was large.

To help improve this, we can observe that each candidate commit is visited exactly once, at which point its ancestor list is copied into its children's lists and then dropped. In the case of non-merge commits, a commit's ancestor list consists exactly of its parent's list plus itself. This means that we can trivially reuse the parent's existing list for one of its non-merge children, which avoids copying entirely if that commit is the parent's only child. This makes bisections over linear ranges of commits much faster.

During some informal testing in the large publicly-available mozilla-central repository, this noticeably sped up bisections over large ranges of history:

  $ cd mozilla-central
  $ hg bisect --reset
  $ hg bisect --good 0
  $ hg log -r tip -T '{rev}\n'

  $ time hg bisect --bad tip --noupdate

  real    3m35.927s
  user    3m35.553s
  sys     0m0.319s

  real    1m41.142s
  user    1m40.810s
  sys     0m0.285s
Edited by Arun Kulshreshtha

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