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    py3: replace cStringIO with pycompat.bytesio · 679593c2dbe6
    Matt Harbison authored
    Fixed up after running `2to3 -w -n -f imports -f imports2 .`.  There are other
    imports that need fixing, but not all have a pycompat alias.  So I'm splitting
    these up.
    TortoiseHgOverlayServer.py and thg replace stdio with byte buffers, which won't
    work on py3.  They need to be revisited to see if this is still necessary with
    py2exe[1].  In the meantime, I conditionalized a couple things there to prevent
    extra stacktraces on py3, since the local variable holding the buffer is used
    further down in each case.
    [1] https://groups.google.com/d/msg/thg-dev/dZbFjZugORs/sGOnxBpnBgAJ
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