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Working towards dropping Python 2.x support

Bitbucket Importer requested to merge bitbucket/declined-pr-298 into branch/3.0

Created originally on Bitbucket by pythooonuser (Felix Siebeneicker)

Changesets for this Pull Request have not been imported, because it had been already declined on Bitbucket. Marked as closed by the import user.

  • Removing long support
  • Removing long references
  • Removing singleton compat
  • Removing safe_repr
  • Removing safe_repr references
  • Removing basestring from compat
  • Removing basestring references
  • Removing unicode from compat
  • Adding unicode back in
  • Removing accumulate function from compat
  • Removing abc from compat
  • Removing range compat references
  • Fixing documentation reference

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