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Draft: Add support for deleting noncontiguous row/columns from worksheet

rgarber11 requested to merge topic/3.1/non-contiguous-rowcol-deletions into branch/3.1

--HG-- branch : 3.1

Current functions delete_rows() and delete_cols() only support deleting contiguous sections of the worksheet, and need to move all cells below or to the right of the deleted sections to accomplish this. This MR adds delete_many_rows() and delete_many_cols() which allow for noncontiguous sections (ie. Deleting rows 1, 3, and 5) in faster time than a for loop previously. The data is given in one of two ways: either as a list of ints corresponding to rows/cols to be deleted, or as a list of tuples containing an index row/col and the amount after to be deleted. This mirrors delete_rows() or delete_cols, which take either an int as the row/col to be deleted or an idx and an amount.

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