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Draft: Add support for metadata.xml

snippet requested to merge topic/3.2/metadata-xml into branch/3.2

This merge aims to add support for the metadata.xml. I've implemented the data structures as per

Currently it has basic round trip support (ie can be read in and written) but the additional namespaces and extLst contents are lost which causes file corruption when used with Dynamic Arrays (adding support for these would resolve #1898)

Example: input.xlsx

If you modify the metadata.xml in the resulting output.xlsx generated from that script to include the full namespaces and extLst, it will load correctly with no corruption.


  • Add Tests. Ideally I'd want to know if this implementation is heading in a good direction before writing them.
  • Split up into smaller more manageable files. Chucking it all into one giant file seems a bit much.
  • Remove implementation from cell, create a specialized cell type (MergedCells or ArrayFormulae)

Note: This is !437 (closed) rebased to 3.2

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