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Matti Picus requested to merge branch/blogposts into branch/default

WIP: import blog posts and comments from the morepypy site.


  • work on the rendering so it puts the comments under the blog post when rendering to /public. This is a little different than the Nikola static_comment plugin since (1) the content is already rendered html and (2) the comments are formatted differently. The idea is that the *meta file of each comment file has a in-reply-to field that corresponds to the blog post id.

Optionally, can be done in subsequent PRs

  • convert the ~170 mentions of bitbucket to heptapod (or whatever is appropriate) since they are most likely broken links right now.
  • convert the ~150 mentions of* to inter-blogpost links
  • copy the ~200 media files from[-_]* to this repo and link to them
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