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Draft: Pass on path names for hg-git

I did some investigations on what it would take for hg-git to properly track the path names, and I think this does the trick. Passing on name seems wrong to me. With a path like this:

default:multi-urls = yes
default = path://git, path://bare
git = $TESTTMP/gitrepo
also-git = $TESTTMP/gitrepo
bare = $TESTTMP/repo.git
also-bare = $TESTTMP/repo.git

We want a bare hg pull or hg push to be invoked for git and bare, but not default. The thinking is that in this case, default doesn't actually list any paths. I wrote up an MR that tries this out, mercurial/hg-git!156.

Does this make sense, @marmoute?

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