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    Update the repository for the release of CC Mode 5.34. · a142d7758ba1
    Alan Mackenzie authored
    * ChangeLog: Prefix the entries for changes since 5.33.
    * MANIFEST: Remove reference to cc-fix.el, which no longer exists.
    * NEWS: Prefix user visible changes in 5.34 to the file.
    * README: Update the note of tested Emacsen for CC Mode 5.34.  Change the
    recommended version of makeinfo to the newer perl versions.
    * cc-align.el, cc-awk.el, cc-bytecomp.el, cc-cmds.el, cc-defs.el,
    cc-engine.el, cc-fonts.el, cc-guess.el, cc-langs.el, cc-menus.el, cc-mode.el,
    cc-styles.el, cc-subword.el, cc-vars.el: Update the copyright notices.
    * cc-mode.texi: Update for release 5.34, update the copyright notice.
    * Makefile: Update the release number to 5.34.
    * package-info.in: Remove cc-fix from "provides".