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    Fix "Wrong type argument: stringp" error for #'eshell/diff · 1f7201a548ad
    Richard Hopkins authored
    2023-08-10  Richard Hopkins  <>
    	* em-unix.el (eshell/diff): Wrap #'diff with #'window-buffer as
    	`with-current-buffer' requires a buffer and #'diff returns a
    	window showing the diff contents.  Previously...
    	M-x eshell
    	echo a > a.txt
    	echo b > b.txt
    	diff -u a.txt b.txt
    	=> Wrong type argument: stringp, #<window on "*Diff Output*" 0x7>
    	#'diff now executes without error and pops up a buffer in
    	#'diff-mode with the output.
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