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    Changed the way light status is tracked: · e4f567c5629e
    Tara McGrew authored
    - NLITSET is gone.
    - NOW-LIT and NOW-DARK are renamed to NOW-LIT? and NOW-DARK?.
    - Global HERE-LIT is set by PARSER before each turn and updated when we notice
      the light status changing. Most code references HERE-LIT instead of calling
      SEARCH-FOR-LIGHT, including the CHECK-LIGHT scope stage (which incorrectly
      used to start a nested MAP-SCOPE by calling SEARCH-FOR-LIGHT).
    - The INVENTORY scope stage is now before CHECK-LIGHT so the player can turn on
      a carried light source in the dark.
    Updated cloak_plus.zil to use the new light code (plus other cleanup). In
    particular, its admonishment to set LIGHTBIT on an object after calling NOW-LIT
    rather than before is gone.