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Use beniget/gast for static analyses and production of new code

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Created originally on Bitbucket by paugier (Pierre Augier)

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  • Recreate annotations
  • Cleaner recreate annotations + bugfix Union repr
  • Filter code for annotations
  • Analyses for blocks_if
  • Parse block signatures
  • Analyses: parser using tokens for comments
  • CaptureX for blocks
  • Buggy make_pythran_code with ast analyses
  • Sequential tests work with new make_pythran_code (MPI broken)
  • MPI tests work with new make_pythran_code
  • Add `backends/`
  • extast: extended AST with CommentLine nodes
  • @include and "# transonic import" useless!!
  • DeprecatedWarnings and light clean up
  • Update doc
  • Simplify parsing module (nothing for blocks) and debug parsing block signatures
  • Fix bugs: compile fluidsim!

This PR is not totally ready and anyway should not be merged before the first release of [Beniget](

It solves many long-term issues:

Moreover, it is not necessary to import the source files at compilation time so we don’t need to mock modules in (for example [this kind of horrible things](

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