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RequestForComments: contrib: add check-bot

Created originally on Bitbucket by frantony (Antony Pavlov) is a simple script for tracking warnings and errors during Magic Lantern build. It can be used to find the changeset that introduced a bug or a compiler warning. generates html output. You can see a sample here:

See README file for details.

check-bot does different work that build-bot does. The build-bot generated binary images and changelog mostly for an enduser. An enduser does not want to know anything about repos and changesets. An enduser want to get new features. On the contrary the developer want to find the changeset introduced the bug.

This pull request inherits some changes from the pull request:

P.S. We don't need to reinvent the wheel, there are ready-to-use tools (see These tools has API that make possible to add necessary build scripts.

Alas in Wikipedia's List_of_tools_for_code_review page there is only one Mercurial-enabled tool: Review Board (see

P.P.S. The problem with current workflow is that the errors often are found AFTER applying the changeset to the main repo. The workflow could be greatly improved if the buggy changesets are refused BEFORE applying to the main repo. Please comment these sentences.

P.P.P.S. Can anybody tell me why ML use Mercurial?

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